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Which experts should evaluate?

Molecular allergy testing is a newly developed test and is partially a manual test. It is similar to evaluating a blood under a microscope with peripheral smear. It is not a test that you give blood to the machine and it gives you result. It is very important that the person performing this test is […]
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detectable allergies

What are Detectable Allergies?

Respiratory allergens such as house dust mites, pollen, pet dander in the air, also extensive food allergies, as well as allergies to components of allergic substances are detected. The Molecular Allergy Test provides a comprehensive overview of detectable allergies by looking at about 302 allergic substances and their components. This test also determines the level […]
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What is Molecular Allergy Test?

Today the newly developed allergy test, Molecular allergy test is now making more comprehensive diagnosis of allergic diseases. This test, which is performed with nano technology with very little blood, gives very important information that cannot be obtained with classical allergy tests if the person is allergic. It is a very important test because it […]
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