Which experts should evaluate?


Molecular allergy testing is a newly developed test and is partially a manual test. It is similar to evaluating a blood under a microscope with peripheral smear. It is not a test that you give blood to the machine and it gives you result. It is very important that the person performing this test is experienced in this field. If done by inexperienced people, the results may be completely different. It should be performed by experts.

Which experts should evaluate the Molecular Allergy Test and why is experience important?

Evaluation of this test is very difficult and requires a lot of information. It is a test that should be interpreted by allergy specialists who have the knowledge to distinguish between true allergies and cross-reactions and what the values of the test mean. If the interpretation of the test is not known, there is no point in performing this test.

The absence of allergies by molecular allergy testing does not mean that there will be no allergy 100%, especially for food allergies. It will be healthier to evaluate the result of the allergy test by the doctor and to perform the skin test and provocation test separately when necessary, since rarely some people with food allergy might have no food allergy in the result of test.

Consequently Molecular Allergy Test

  • Is a newly developed comprehensive allergy test
  • Is an allergy blood test with nanotechnology
  • With a single test, reveals all the allergies in a comprehensive way
  • Provides an accurate allergy test by eliminating cross-reacting substances,
  • Identifies actual allergies and cross-reacting substances, thus providing a stronger allergy vaccine,
  • Due to the detection of allergy-causing components;
  • Severity of allergy,
  • How long will it continue,
  • How sensitive it is to baked foods,
  • Identifies the molecular spread and provides information about the severity of the allergy and the effect of the allergy vaccine,
  • Provides information on which foods can cross-react with the detection of allergies to allergen components and whether or not the allergy will disappear with baking,
  • Since it determines which allergic substances the allergy vaccine should consist of, it gives invaluable results and is the next generation allergy test for the diagnosis and treatment of allergy.

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